3 Reasons you should date a man who loves cats

3 Reasons Why You May Want To Date or Marry A Man Who Loves Cats

  1.  Studies show that cat lovers may be smarter than dog lovers.  Sorry, dog lovers!  According to a study of over 600 college students carried out by Carroll University in Wisconsin, cat-lovers scored higher in intelligence overall.  Ladies, we know you're guy is awesome, but for those of you who haven't found 'Mr Right' yet, you may want to find out his thoughts on cats.  

  1.  And just in case you needed another nudge in the direction of a cat man, there is another primary reason that a man who loves cats could be the one for you.  Believe it or not, cat people do tend to be less needy, much like their favorite felines. Cats like their independence, so it stands to reason that a feline-loving man might just have his act together and display a healthy amount of self-confidence.  And who doesn't love a confident man?

  1.  Lastly, men who love cats may also tend to be more passionate,sensitive and thoughtful.  Most of us love a thoughtful, sensitive man, but let's face it, ladies, this is a struggle we all face during our long and arduous quest for love, so it may be worth a little effort to at least see what a man with a pet cat is like to hang with, especially since it may turn out that he really knows how to stroke the fur of an independent and strong-minded creature such as yourself.  

There are plenty of reasons to love your man whether he loves cats or not, because let's face it - being a pet-lover of any kind shows an ability to be selfless, devoted and loyal.  We just think it might be time we all show a little appreciation for those tender-hearted softies out there who cater to felines.  Let us know your thoughts.

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